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Pearl Foundation is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Organization.
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Poverty eradication, assistance, relief, learning

Mission Statement:

With a mandate to assist vulnerable and impoverished communities in the United States, Pakistan, and other countries, Pearl Foundation’s mission is to help families and communities lift themselves out of poverty by providing them the basic assistance needed to do so in both the short-term and the long-term.  Our interventions include assistance with food aid, clothing and other essential non-food items, routine medical checkups and healthcare assistance, disaster relief, educational assistance, career and skill development, and the creation of job opportunities.

Many of Pearl Foundation’s projects focus on short-term interventions, such as food aid and medical assistance for communities in need, and relief assistance for communities struggling to recover after crises such as natural disasters or conflict. Temporary shelter, access to clean water, weather-appropriate clothing, food and medicine are all immediate critical needs of those impacted by severe crises.  Pearl Foundation aims to fill the gap in providing these essential items to those in need in the U.S., Pakistan, and across the world.

Pearl Foundation also focuses on long-term interventions to build a culture of resiliency and self-reliance in impoverished communities that forms the foundation for poverty eradication. To this end, Pearl Foundation creates lasting impacts by establishing educational and healthcare facilities, providing vocational training and financial management services, and facilitating higher education opportunities through scholarships.  For instance, one Pearl Foundation project aims to set up small instructional sewing schools in Pakistan where widows, orphans, or other disenfranchised people can learn sewing skills and contribute towards actual textile work. The finished products will be marketed through Pearl Foundation and its networks, with all proceeds returning directly to the workers and their communities. By providing people with a marketable skill set, aid beneficiaries would be actually working and earning their livelihood. This would help them become self-sufficient and gain the self-esteem and dignity needed to lift themselves out of poverty.  For other community members in need of long-term assistance, Pearl Foundation works with communities to create local job opportunities and helps them secure employment through its professional and social networks.

Educational assistance is a key aspect of Pearl Foundation’s mission. In line with our mission to help communities to empower and raise themselves out of the poverty cycle, Pearl Foundation funds scholarships for qualified students to attend institutes of higher education – traditionally a difficulty given the high costs of education and the limited availability of financial assistance. These scholarships are awarded to those who cannot otherwise afford education and have the merits to attain a college degree.  For others in impoverished communities who seek religious education but do not have the means to attain qualified, accurate religious guidance, Pearl Foundation will provide the facilities and faculty to those that meet the need-based criteria, based upon personal interviews, reviews of tax returns and other financial documents.

Pearl Foundation makes efficient use of our financial and technical resources.  With all of our poverty interventions beginning with a process of conducting personal interviews and reviewing financial histories to assess an individual’s needs and difficulties, Pearl foundation is able to prioritize our actions to ensure maximum efficiency. It is after these assessments that Pearl Foundation will commit its resources to individuals or communities that are assessed to be in the most immediate need of assistance.