Pearl Foundation has on-going relief efforts across Pakistan and in the US to help during different crises and disasters. These projects come up to help alleviate immediate needs during natural disaster strikes like Hurricanes and other humanitarian crises etc.


  • Pearl Foundation has distributed free grocery packages to over 4,000 needy people in Pakistan and over 100 in the USA so far since 2011.


  • Delivered ready-to-eat food and also served volunteers to homeless people in Reston, VA and Leesburg, VA homeless shelters.
  • Provided new blankets to local homeless people in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.
  • Gave financial assistance to local families due to extreme emergencies in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.
  • Financial assistance was given to help the victims of Boston bombings and Texas Plant explosion.
  • Distributed new blankets for Syrian refugees through City Council of Purcellville for shipment to Turkey.
  • Delivered Relief Items for victims of the Sandy Hurricane in the North East of the United States.
  • We have been providing urgently needed relief items to needy families and homeless individuals through Reston Interfaith and Community Center. We are building a long-term relationship with Reston Interfaith recently renamed as Cornerstones.
  • We distributed free food and grocery packages to 80 needy families in August/September 2013 in Hendon, Reston, Sterling, Leesburg, and Purcellville areas through FAITH organization, Reston Interfaith, as well as directly to needy families.


Below you will find pictures from some of the projects listed above: